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Vinyl Flooring Options in Plano, TX

Flooring has come a long way, and vinyl isn’t about to be left behind. With a huge variety of options on the market, the makers of vinyl flooring are raising the bar regarding durability, aesthetic value, and cost-efficacy.

In this case, you don’t have to sacrifice quality when you take the more affordable option; contact us about our huge selection of vinyl flooring options.

Visually Pleasing

Vinyl generally imitates a more traditional flooring style, such as hardwood, stone, or tile. Technology has yielded some wonderful results, though; when you install a vinyl floor, your friends probably won’t even realize that it’s not real wood or stone. From the color to the texture, experts are imitating traditional materials down to the finest detail.

Furthermore, the sky’s the limit when you decide to go vinyl-there are countless options for any interior design, and you don’t have to weigh the same hefty price tags as people shopping for various stones, tiles, and woods.

Attractively Durable

Vinyl imitates some of the most beautiful materials, but you don’t have to worry about scratches, dents, and moisture in the same way you would with a more valuable surface.

Vinyl resists water effectively, as long as you clean up spills in a timely manner. It also defies soil and stains with remarkable efficiency; when dirt and stains do appear, though, you don’t have to be overly-sensitive with your cleaning methods. Scrub away!

It requires practically zero maintenance after installation-no finishes or seals. Just a regular mopping or sweeping will do.

Shock-Absorbent and Quiet

Decibel levels don’t usually enter a conversation about flooring, but why not start now; vinyl flooring pads the impact of feet on the floor, keeping the click-clack of dress shoes and heels to a minimum. Beyond the noise, vinyl is more comfortable on the feet-you’ll probably end up walking around in socks more often.

An added benefit to the padded nature of vinyl is that dropped plates and glasses have a better chance of survival. We aren’t suggesting that you test your floor by dropping dishes, but you may suffer less damage with soft vinyl flooring.

Easy Installation

Like laminate flooring, you can install vinyl directly over pre-existing hard floors. Old hardwood, tile, or the subfloor won’t get in the way of your vinyl installation.

Call us or reach us online to find out more about vinyl flooring-we’d love to see what ideas you have in mind!

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