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Laminate Flooring Options in Plano, TX

Laminate flooring provides a practical and cost-effective alternative to wood and stone-but the benefits don’t stop with cheaper pricing. When you go with a laminate flooring option for your home, you get a durable and visually pleasing asset to your living space. We also have LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) options which are waterproof and a great alternative to traditional laminate. Call us today for more information about these products.

Ruggedly Practical

Laminate represents a contrast to both the price and fragility of hardwood flooring; while hardwood may be rugged itself, it is more susceptible to dents, scratches, and water than laminate.

  • Laminate flooring features 4 layers of material, and the outer two contain a coat of melamine resin for protection.
  • This flooring option won’t fade in direct sunlight (or artificial light), and it generally lasts years longer than traditional hardwood flooring.
  • Worried about stains? Laminate floors resist all but the most severe stains.
  • Laminate floors can take a beating, too-they stand up to dents and dings with much more fortitude than hardwood.

If you need some reassurance, most manufacturers guarantee their laminate flooring for 15+ years; some companies extend warranties as long as 30+ years.

Realistic Beauty

You don’t have to sacrifice looks when you purchase a laminate floor for your home; laminate flooring comes in many finishes and colors, including imitation hardwood, stone, porcelain, and tile.

You experience the added benefit of saving a few trees when you choose laminate flooring, as the hardwood industry regularly cuts down trees that end up being rejected for one reason or another. Laminate flooring is rarely defective, and when it is, a tree isn’t sacrificed.

Easy Maintenance

If you’ve ever had a hard floor that you wish you didn’t have to tear up to replace, your wish has come true: you can install your laminate on top of previously-existing hard floors. Whether it’s the sub-floor, tile, or linoleum, you can simply place the laminate flooring on top. It’s also easy to clean-you don’t have to worry about damaging your hardwood with your cleaning methods.


When all’s said and done, you can save a significant amount of money by choosing laminate flooring. When you plan on living in your house for an extended period of time (at least 15 years), laminate flooring will provide great value. If you see a sale in your home’s foreseeable future, consider raising the value of your home by purchasing hardwood. But when no sale is in play, laminate will save you money and give you great flooring.

Sold on laminate? Call us or contact us online to discuss pricing and laminate options. There’s a style for every room, so whether you need imitation wood, tile, or stone, give us a call at 972-877-1839.

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