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Hardwood Flooring Options in Plano, TX

Timeless sophistication embodies the hardwood styles at Magnum Flooring; with so many options available in the hardwood genre, though, making the right floor choice can be a challenge. Take room function, wear and tear, and style into consideration when making your choice-and never hesitate to reach out to an expert at (972) 877-1839.

Determine How The Room Will Function

What do you have in mind? Before installing hardwood flooring, carefully consider how you plan to use the room. Billiards, functional dining rooms, and sitting areas each take a different toll on hardwood floors, and you should take into account the wear and tear your new floor will experience.

Practical steps-like sliders applied to the feet of furniture-can make a big difference, but different hardwoods suffer from different issues. Some are softer than others, and, therefore remain susceptible to pet scratches and sliding chairs; while others may not provide the feel you want underneath your feet. In short, decide on the function of a room before committing to a certain type of hardwood flooring.

Consider Style

We often lump hardwood flooring into one general category; truth is, there are many different styles of hardwood for many different occasions. Do you prefer a contemporary look, or do colonial touches describe your design? These questions must be taken into consideration before you decide on a style.

Maple, oak, bamboo, cherry-each has its own story to tell, so carefully consider whether its story matches that of your room. Spending a little bit extra for sample pieces can help you decide; don’t shy away from this small investment. It will help you find the perfect flooring for your home.

Prefinished or Unfinished?

While prefinished wood flooring costs significantly more than unfinished flooring, don’t let the price tag mislead you; your installation and contracting fees may skyrocket when you pay extra to have someone finish your flooring for you. Buying prefinished flooring may cost more, but it will save you both the hassle of having it finished later and the cost of extra contractor work. Furthermore, prefinished floors often come with a manufacturer’s warranty. There are situations where unfinished flooring works best, but consult carefully with an expert when making this decision.

Practical Steps

Wood fluctuates with temperature, so let your new hardwood floor pieces sit for a few days in your home before installation. Following installation, be careful when you adjust the temperature in your home-many manufacturers suggest slowly heating or cooling your home over a period of several days to keep your hardwood floor from expanding or contracting too rapidly.

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