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Is your priority style, comfort, or durability? At Magnum Flooring, you don’t have to choose-we have access to carpet manufacturers that include all three. Whether you prefer carpet for Saturday mornings in socks or elegant fibers for a formal dining room, we have plenty of options for you.


Are you looking for a carpet that remains soft underfoot but still has the look to entertain guests? Try saxony flooring; with an ultra-dense pile and an even cut, saxony provides a foundation of sleek elegance and refined comfort for all of your hosting occasions.

Saxony carpet is usually cut at ½ inch, but the tightly-packed nature of the tufts keep a perfectly even look across your floor. Dense and plush, this soft carpet combines elegance and comfort seamlessly. Saxony carpets do show imprints like footsteps, vacuuming marks, and furniture impressions.


Textured carpet, while retaining all of the softness of saxony, offers another compelling feature: stain resistance. It’s no wonder that textured carpet remains the best-seller among carpet-buyers on a regular basis. Tight weaving provides the soil resistance, and the casual look of the carpet makes textured carpet a great choice for family areas.

Commercial Use

Frieze carpets are both rugged and informal. The tightly twisted pile fiber hides footprints and other imprints, and the extra-short cut of the pile won’t harbor soil and stains. Frieze carpets aren’t recommended for in-the-home use; the coarse fibers are designed for durability rather than comfort and elegance.

Don’t go into the carpet buying process alone–call us at (972) 877-1839 to speak to an expert about the right carpet choice for your home. For your convenience, check out our brief collection of carpet terms below:

Fiber: The material used in constructing the carpet.

Pile: Used to describe the height of the fibers (“a ½-inch pile”)

Density: Describes how closely the fibers are packed together.

Texture: Looped, twisted, or cut? This influences the feel of the carpet.

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